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The fun and excitement of having an International Meet right here in the Northlands came to fruition in 1996.  Here's a sampling of what we saw. 
HERE to read the article that appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper during the International Meet.  It is very interesting and was great publicity for the Northland Chapter! (article is in .pdf format).
Credit for all photographs on this page:  Jeff Stanton.


96_01a.jpg (42361 bytes) 1956 Meteor Cadillac limousine-style combination owned by Dan Brintlinger of Decatur, Illinois.
96_02a.jpg (45682 bytes) 1967 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Landau Traditional 3-way hearse driven all the way from Tampa, Florida by owner Barbara Schmeisser. Her husband, Marty drove his '66 M-M Cadillac hearse to the meet also. It is pictured in the background.
96_03a.jpg (50082 bytes) This is a 1941 Flxible Buick Sterling hearse owned by Tim and Leigh Gustin. It has 43,000 original miles, and is still in original condition.
96_04a.jpg (36460 bytes) Mr. & Mrs. Bill Jamieson brought their 1976 Superior Buick hearse from Glenboro, Manitoba. This car features the "clamshell" rear loading door.
96_05a.jpg (43348 bytes) George Quast brought the horse drawn hearse which was used by his grandfather's funeral business many years ago in Hutchinson, Minnesota.
96_06a.jpg (39088 bytes) Another beautiful antique hearse from George Quast's family funeral business in Hutchinson, MN is this 1915 Studebaker hearse, manufactured by the Northwestern Casket Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
96_07a.jpg (43059 bytes) The interior of Barbara Schmeisser's 1967 Miller-Meteor Cadillac hearse.
96_08a.jpg (37191 bytes) The interior of Marty Schmeisser's 1966 Miller-Meteor Cadillac hearse.
96_09a.jpg (40931 bytes) One of the last hearses built at the old Eureka plant in Rock Falls, Illinois was this 1964 Eureka Cadillac landau. It was offered for sale at this meet by Johnson-Williams Funeral Car Sales.
96_10a.jpg (33764 bytes) Kevin Anglin's 1967 Superior Cadillac Sovereign 3-way hearse, which he drove up from Dubuque, Iowa.
96_11a.jpg (25256 bytes) This Airstream Hearse / Bus was the command center at the 1996 National Meet.
96_12a.jpg (40823 bytes) Fred & Dorothy brought this beautiful black 1967 Cadillac limousine from New Oxford, Pennsylvania.
96_13a.jpg (38226 bytes) This rig belonged to a local guy who stopped by the hotel to check out the meet.  I believe people call him "Dr. Bob."
96_14a.jpg (36909 bytes) Larri & Sue Dirks brought their restored 1976 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Classic combination from Sterling, Illinois.
96_15a.jpg (36759 bytes) Ambulances lined up at the meet.
96_16a.jpg (53773 bytes) 1894 Cunningham horse-drawn hearse, owned by Augie & Carol Schleicher / Schleicher Funeral Home, Plainview, Minnesota. This is a restored coach and is still used, by request, for funeral services.
96_17a.jpg (37419 bytes) 1973 Cotner-Bevington Oldsmobile 54" ambulance owned by Jeff Damm of Virginia, Minnesota. Wow...look at all the LIGHTS!
96_18a.jpg (38556 bytes) Checking out Wayne Kempfert's 1939 Henney Packard ambulance. Wayne's ambulance took the BEST OF SHOW trophy!
96_20a.jpg (36900 bytes) Joe Klien's 1969 Miller-Meteor 48" Ambulance.  More information on this fine care is available on Joe's page in the Northland Exhibit.
96_19a.jpg (32864 bytes) Interior of Joe Klien's Ambulance.
96_21a.jpg (43608 bytes) 1973 S&S Cadillac Medic Mark I ambulance owned by Mike McDonald of Escondido, California.
96_22a.jpg (40499 bytes) Bob Hedges brought this nice 1970 Miller-Meteor Cadillac combination from Milwaukee, WI. The car last saw service in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
96_24a.jpg (43825 bytes) This vendor had lots of beacons for sale!
96_23a.jpg (32400 bytes) The limousine styling of Bob Hedges' 1970 M-M Cadillac combination. Compare this photo to the one below.
96_25a.jpg (41256 bytes) The limousine styling of Paul Saether's 1969 Superior Cadillac combination. Compare this photo to the one above.
96_26a.jpg (47125 bytes) 1930 Eureka Buick Super 6 3-way hearse, proudly restored and owned by Floyd Miller of Aberdeen, South Dakota.
96_27a.jpg (45822 bytes) Evan J. & Liz Butchers' 1971 S&S Cadillac Medic Mark I Ambulance
96_28a.jpg (39490 bytes) Inside the back of the Butcher's Medic Mark I.
96_29a.jpg (41426 bytes) Added touches like this make for a great display at show time!
George Quast of Hutchinson, MN, with his 1916 Northwestern Studebaker hearse.
1930 Eureka Buick Super 6 3-way hearse owned by Floyd Miller of Aberdeen, SD.
1934 Superior Studebaker Westminster owned by Mark Dahlstrom of Oakes, ND.
Another view of the Dahlstrom's Studebaker.
1956 Superior Pontiac hearse brought to the International Meet by Ken Peterson of St. Paul, MN.
Another view of Ken Peterson's 1956 Pontiac.
1979 Superior Cadillac Transport ambulance.  The very last one built.  Was owned - as seen here - by original owner, Dr. Roger D. White of Rochester, MN.
1941 Flxible Buick hearse: Tim & Leigh Gustin, Lake Mills, IA
1970 Superior Cadillac 51" ambulance: Gordon & Jean Root, Aitkin, MN
Floyd Miller's 1930 Eureka hearse on display at the J-W Reception.
Dr. Roger White's 1979 Superior Cadillac Transport ambulance (the LAST Cadillac Ambulance) on display at the J-W reception.
Professional car motorcade processes through Johnson-Williams Funeral Car Service in Minneapolis.  Chairs in the foreground were for the PCS membership meeting, which was held after the buffet BBQ at J-W.
Ice sculpture of a 1959 Flower Car.
Dr Roger White addressing the banquet attendees.
Tony Karsnia (left) presents Larry Dunn with a special plaque in appreciation of his help and hospitality with the meet.


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