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For a few glorious days in June, 2007, Miller-Meteor enthusiasts from across the country converged in Piqua, Ohio to celebrate Piqua's Bicentennial Anniversary and to celebrate the history of the Miller, Meteor, and Miller-Meteor professional cars (and one boat, too!).  Whether parading through downtown Piqua in classic professional cars made right in Piqua, touring the Accubuilt plant just up the road in Lima, visiting with the many retirees of the coachbuilder, or visiting with each other way into the night on the parking lot, there's no substitute for being there.  Here's a sampling of the fun we had, though!


Two simple letters signify decades of leadership in the Professional Car field.  This M-M nameplate is on Tony Karsnia's 1968 M-M Classic Limousine Duplex coach.
Steve & Gene Lichtman (and Patriot the dog, too!) brought this 1970 M-M Volunteer ambulance from Mt. Airy, MD.
Miller-Meteors lined up in the reserved spaces at the Comfort Inn of Piqua, the host hotel.
Chuck Kramer's 1979 M-M Traditional Landau combination (probably the LAST combination built by M-M!), on the hotel's parking lot.
The Miller-Meteor plant in Piqua.  The peeked roof feature in the front of the showroom was the backdrop for hundreds of delivery photographs through the years.
The relevant Miller-Meteor cars lined up outside the Clark Street plant.
Indiana's Brian Vaughan angles for the best place to photograph the cars, including his 1974 M-M Cadillac Olympian.
The building may say "Axis" but to Professional Car enthusiasts, it will always be "Miller-Meteor."
Another Miller-Meteor badged Cadillac joins the lineup.
In age order, in front of the plant.
And yes, even the Meteor speed boat was there!
Meteor made more than just professional cars.  This is a Meteor speedboat!
Much like the Meteor cars of the same era, the Meteor speed boat was long and glorious in design!
Friday night in downtown Piqua was a street fair celebration featuring the professional cars parked on the closed-off downtown streets.  This is Jeremy Ledford's 1977 M-M Cadillac Landau Traditional.
The Bicentennial organizers had several prints of Meteor and Miller-Meteor pictures enlarged to display next to the cars.  This is the one that was by Jeremy's hearse.
A proud new owner gets ready to drive his new Meteor Cadillac away from the manufacturer.
Inside the Meteor plant, building buses.
A print of a 1974 M-M Cadillac ambulance at a staged scene for an advertisement.
Towards the end of the Cadillac ambulance era.
An overhead shot of the Miller-Meteor Plant.
Workers at the plant take a moment to pose for the camera.
Funeral cars in production in the Meteor plant.
Another view of the Meteor plant's production line.
In preparation for the parade on Saturday, the Miller-Meteor cars line up in age order.
These cars were certainly a crowd pleaser at the parade as they some of the retirees of M-M rode with the drivers.
Piqua celebrates like this every 200 years!
Piqua's Mayor in a Prowler.
Is a parade complete without Ronald McDonald and a marching band?  No!
A tribute to our Veterans.
How do they keep from running over people?
A flash from the past.
Every parade needs a fire truck or two!
And every Piqua Bicentennial Parade needs reminders of the heritage of the Meteor and Miller-Meteor companies.
Inside the Clark Avenue plant of M-M.  This area was the new car preparation area, where cars received their final detailing before delivery.
We enjoyed the reminiscences of the retirees as they shared stories related to this historic building.
Another view of the new car preparation area.
Recognize those peeks?  In a former life, this was the showroom, where new Miller-Meteors awaited their owner's arrival.
How many hundreds of new Miller-Meteor Cadillacs passed under these peeks? 
Another view of the showroom showing the peeks and diamond windows.
The weather may not have been perfect, but being allowed inside the Clark Avenue plant made up for the drizzle.
Greg Merksamer takes copious notes of the conversations with the M-M retirees for future articles in magazines across the country.
M-M retirees at the famous garage door to the showroom, with Tony Karsnia, president of the M-M Chapter second from right.
Some of the men and women who helped build the legacy of Miller-Meteor.
The M-M retirees affix their signatures to some of the historical photographs of the cars they produced.
Mark and Susan Adams brought this beautiful 1972 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Traditional Landau 3-way hearse.
Inside the Adams' 1972 3-way showing the casket table.
Chuck Kramer's pristine 1979 M-M Cadillac duplex returns to its original home, the Siferd Funeral Home of Wapakoneta, Ohio.
Tony Karsnia's keys to his 1968 M-M Classic Limousine Duplex, looking just like they did on that day in 1968 when a proud funeral director drove out of the showroom with his brand new Miller-Meteor Cadillac coach!


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